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In editorial design, there are three fundamental factors that must be taken into consideration:


It is a must to know the type of content the publication to which the design will be developed contains and the type of application. Each type of application-magazine, newspaper or book and the different genders- has its typical characteristics regarding format, composition, information, and element hierarchies. In this way, the design conveys the publication general message by establishing a coherent unity between text and graphic.


To take into consideration the target audience is also of high importance. The composition will depend on the target readersí profiles. It also must be appropriate to all the possible variables regarding social and cultural values, education, economy, age and genre, since there is, for example, a great difference between a publication targeted to teenagers and one targeted to housewives.


When developing the design of a publication, it is important to consider the competitionís publications, its main features-positive or negative. This analysis will allow the development of an original design that will make the publication stand out from the rest.

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