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Since today we find a great amount of visual stimuli everywhere, editorial design is a fundamental element for potential readers of a publication to become real consumers. The most important part of a publication is the outer part, and the designer should give special attention to it, no matter whether it is a book, a magazine or a newspaper, since the covers, flaps, bands, outer covers, spines and title are decisive elements when choosing a publication. Although the content of the publication is of great importance, its success in the market will heavily depend on the publication outer design. It is proved that people choose a book or any other publication basing their decision on what they read on the cover, especially if they do not know the author or the title of a literary work

As the outer design of a publication is the presentation of its contents, it is of high importance to obtain a graphic which is directly connected with the subject matter of the text. If this is not accomplished all the hard work that writing a book, or creating a magazine or newspaper implies will be useless. Likewise, covers designs that are not connected with the text may cause confusion among the readers. It is necessary to base this type of design on a clearly determined target audience so as to draw their attention considering their social and cultural characteristics, and their age and gender.

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